Coaching – Health and weight loss.

Welcome to our coaching programs

Are you considering a lifestyle change in an easy way and at your own pace?
Do you also have expectations of a permanent satisfying result?

We know that every person needs an individual approach and careful guidance to any successful lifestyle change!!
Our diet is usually a very integrated part of our personality,  life and culture. And of course a very powerful instinct that is hard to suppress or change radically from day to day.

No coaching is based on standard diet plans. We will integrate small, but effective changes  step by step into your existing diet, along with theory at any level you may wish!
Some want a complete understanding – others just something that WORKS! Both is of course fine.

Is  your motivation low? Then here is where we’ll start!

Motivation is extremely important since this drive will keep you on track and focused on your goal… When you ask yourself why I can’t do this or eat that, you need a strong answer!
Motivation is therefore crucial for the speed and success of which changes can be implemented.

My approach is quite holistic – which means everything from sleep to stress is taken into consideration in order to optimize the body’s function and the effect of the diet- changes.

My expertise covers

  • Weight loss – fat loss
  • Skin problems – acne
  • Unwanted body odor
  • Sport nutrition  – fitness and other special diets.



  • Nutrition and diet – In short, I will recommend a clean and evolutionary adapted human diet.
  • Sleep – Your sleep is critical for your your experience and interpretation of your body’s signals and the way you experience real hunger vs appetite.
  • Exercise– Muscles are also glands that release hormones responsible for regulating everything from your metabolic rate to your sense of wellbeing – They are of course activated by exercise. On top of that excessive also stimulates the lymph system.
  • Choice of exercise – It matter what kind of exercise you do! I would always recommend a type that does not stress the body excessively and unnaturally.
  • Correct restitution.
  • Responsible approach – No changes are “ordered” in an unexplained arrogant manner, nor are they ever implemented at an uncontrolled speed.
  • Optimization of natural nutrient intake – only with a very few inexpensive supplements.
  • Illnesses are avoided before they develop.

Effects you can expect:

  • Increased energy
  • Significantly reduced bad body-odor
  • Better sleep
  • Clearer skin
  • More extra overview and wellbeing


1 Hour: 90 USD – can be either phone, skype or email.
Discounts on 5 hours or more.


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